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Paris EUROPLACE mobilized to increase the assets of the Paris Marketplace with the aim of serving the economy!

The Committee "Place financière de Paris 2020", chaired by Michel Sapin, Minister of Finance and Public Accounts, and co-hosted by the Treasury Department and Paris EUROPLACE, met on May 30th, 2016 to highlight the advantages of the Paris marketplace, with the aim of serving the economy.

Less than a month before the British referendum, the Paris financial marketplace asserted its wish for the United Kingdom to remain within the European Union . Paris EUROPLACE also put forth the need for further economic integration in Europe with a financing and investment union.

The Paris marketplace put forward its strengths and indicated the next steps to attract international companies wishing to develop their activities in Europe. Among those measures : better fiscal stability, measures in favor of long-term savings measures, reduction of corporate tax, and finally the removal of  payroll tax.

Paris EUROPLACE also presented a policy paper demonstrating strong opposition to the DB-LSE merger that poses significant risk for all stakeholders including customers : issuers, investors and intermediates alike.

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