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14 Jun. 2017
Ségolène ROYAL, who was Minister for the Environment, Energy and the Sea, in charge of international relations on climate and COP21 President, brings her support to the action of the Paris Financial Center in the field of green and sustainable finance at French and international level.PRESS RELEASE
02 Nov. 2016
Paris EUROPLACE will present its report on the Paris Marketplace's "Green and Sustainable Finance Initiative" a few days before the opening of COP22 and Climate Finance Day, which it co-organised, in MoroccoThe report, coordinated by Philippe Zaouati, Chief Executive Officer of Mirova, is the...
11 Dec. 2017
3rd edition of the Climate Finance Day:Acceleration!The financial industry fully committed to fighting climate changeOn the eve of the One Planet Summit, called for by the President of the Republic, the 2017 Climate Finance Day brought together, at the French Ministry of the Economy and Finance,...
20 Mar. 2017
Paris EUROPLACE welcomes the new €1,5 billion Green Bond issuance made by ENGIE.The bond has two tranches: a 7-year tranche of €700 million with a 0.875% annual coupon, and a 11-year tranche of €800 million with a 1,5 % annual coupon.The proceeds of the bond will be used to finance renewable energy...