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Press Release: Europlace Conference on "Europe: Where to Next?"

French President Emmanuel Macron Lays Out Roadmap for Building New France and Welcoming U.S. and International Banks and Investors in Paris to Leading U.S. Business and Finance Executives at the Occasion of the International Financial Forum Hosted by Paris EUROPLACE

Forum Highlights Rebalancing of Financial Activities and Capital from London to European Union in a Post-Brexit Context, Development of Decentralized Capital Markets and Consolidation of Paris as Europe's Leading Financial Center  

Paris and New York - May 23, 2017 - More than 350 senior financial executives attended a high-level conference today at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City, hosted by Paris EUROPLACE, which examined how the rebalancing of financial activities in a post-Brexit context will reshape the Eurozone's financial landscape, impact US financial institutions and enhance Paris' position as the leading financial center in the Eurozone.


President macron statement