paris, a major rmb international hub


The Paris Financial Marketplace is launching dynamic initiatives to support the emergence of a new international offshore RMB market and position itself as a leading European financial centre for transactions in the Chinese currency.

Since 2010, Paris EUROPLACE has been actively committed to supporting the movement to internationalize the RMB and implement mechanisms to support companies – including French and European SMEs and mid-caps – developing commercial transactions with China.

The Paris Financial Marketplace is a Eurozone leader on the RMB market. Today, Paris EUROPLACE is stepping up its action to confirm its role as a platform for commercial and financial transactions in RMB, not only for continental Europe but also in the context of relations between China and Africa. Going beyond this targeted action concerning the RMB, the Paris Financial Marketplace is developing sustained cooperation with Chinese marketplaces:

  • NAFMII (National Association of Financial Markets Institutional Investors) to support developments of the fast-growing Chinese domestic bond market,
  • The Municipality of Shanghai, to develop the presence of French banks and financial companies in China and welcome the business of Chinese companies and investors in France