A strategic Marketplace approach for 2020

Since 2012, Paris EUROPLACE has produced a series of eight reports, prepared by professionals representing the marketplace’s various activities and intended to provide input for the strategic thinking of the Paris Marketplace 2020 Committee. These reports are on the development of the economy funding model, the competitiveness issues of our business lines (investors, financial intermediaries, etc.), the role of securitisation and even setting our savings taxation system straight.


Paris Marketplace 2020 Committee

Michel SAPIN, the Minister of Finance and Public Accounts, set up the “Paris Marketplace 2020” Committee on 16 June 2014. This committee is led jointly by Gérard MESTRALLET, Chairman of Paris Europlace, and by the Managing Director of the Public Treasury.

The Paris Marketplace 2020 Committee brings together actors from the financial system, companies, elected representatives and experts and aims to organise and stimulate collective thinking on how the economy is funded, on the development of savings and on financial instruments for economic growth, in a framework that ensures financial stability and protection of savers. It aims to make proposals in three strategic areas:

  • Creating conditions so that the financial markets can develop and respond reliably and effectively to companies’ needs
  • Finding the best way to mobilise the abundance of savings in French households to serve growth
  • Promoting, by 2020, a model for an attractive and dynamic Paris financial marketplace, focused on funding the economy.


Competitiveness of the ecosystem: the role of the Financial Law Committee

The Paris Europlace Financial Law Committee brings together representatives from around twenty of the most active law firms in the Paris marketplace as well as the legal departments of some large companies. It is chaired by Michel Prada (former chairman of the French financial markets authority AMF and chairman of the Public Accounts Standardisation Committee) and its aim is to make interventions concerning laws and regulations to make French law more attractive. It is divided into working groups concentrating on specific legal subjects, including in particular bond issue law, surety law and the legal framework for securitisation. More recently, a group has been set up to look at the regulatory status of crowdfunding platforms


Paris EUROPLACE reports (only in French):

  • Livre Blanc de Paris EUROPLACE – 20 propositions pour relancer le financement de l’économie et la croissance durable” (Paris EUROPLACE White Paper – 20 proposals to relaunch the funding of the economy and sustainable growth), 2012
  • Financement des entreprises et de l’économie française: pour un retour vers une croissance durable” (Funding companies and the French economy: towards a return to sustainable growth), February 2013
  • Redonner sa compétitivité au Pôle Investisseurs de la Place de Paris” (Making the Investors Centre of the Paris Marketplace competitive again) (Perrier report), January 2014
  • Des intermédiaires financiers forts pour le financement de l’économie et une place financière de Paris compétitive” (Strong financial intermediaries for funding the economy and a competitive Paris financial marketplace) (Cabannes report), January 2014
  • Financement en dette des PME/ETI - Nouvelles Recommandations” (Debt financing of small and medium-sized enterprises and middle-market companies – New Recommendations) (Casanova report), March 2014
  • Croissance et fiscalité” (Growth and tax) (Delmas-Marsalet report), December 2014
  • Une titrisation au service de la croissance” (Securitisation to serve growth), November 2015
  • Marché mondial des infrastructures, consolider l’offre de la place financière de Paris” (Global infrastructure market, consolidating the Paris financial marketplace’s offer), January 2016